CT10 Management’s dedicated staff members provide services that aim at taking holistic care of athletes during their personal and professional development, covering all day-to-day needs. A relationship forged around trust and shared objectives, optimizing short and long-term prospects and opportunities. Especially when it comes to a brief but mentally and physically intense career like football, our expert staff members consider future prospects with an equal commitment to the present ones.

Mentoring and Career Consultancy

Managing essential life choices and handling business opportunities is perhaps the most challenging aspect of a player’s career. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the right choice taken at the right moment; the right offer can exponentially increment growth and visibility of a player. We aim to provide expert guidance and assistance, allowing our athletes to focus on their training, while we provide the support required to fulfill their goals in total harmony and security.

Contract and Mediation Consultancy

With our expertise, we assist clubs and players with national and international transferring operations, intermediation, contract negotiation, and membership. Our dedicated staff members are committed to finding compelling solutions that satisfy all the parts involved, prioritizing people, and their vision. We call it a deal when all the parties involved feel upgraded.

Didactic Consultancy

CT10 firmly believes that sport is equally as important as education. Especially for young athletes, it is necessary to work hard in both fields. Being a professional player should not undermine other fundamental life aspects. Given the ephemeral future promised by this sport, having a diploma is essential. For these reasons, we provided a highly qualified team of professors that will support and guide youngsters to their objectives with outmost dedication and integrity.

Medical/Athletic Consultancy

Players generally have top athletic performance, yet to excel, it must be continuously monitored and trained. A strong athletic program determines the difference between a football player and a champion. It is our mission to provide our athletes with a highly skilled team that will continuously impact and foster individual athletic performance, keeping our athletes healthy and strong while reducing potential injuries.

Mental Coach Consultancy

Mens sana in corpore sano a “healthy mind in a healthy body” guides CT10’s approach. It is our prerogative to offer our athletes the necessary support to thrive, defeating any uncertainties and fears. When the mind is nurtured, athletes can attain incredible results. Mind is aptitude; it’s kindness; it’s charisma and motivation. A trained mind is intuition, guiding players to seize the momentum. This does not mean winning every game, but rather exceeding expectations regardless of the results. Our mental coaches are highly trained and skilled to assist and guide athletes throughout every step of their career.

Financial Consultancy

Building a long-term financial plan is easier said than done. When it lacks the know-how and adequate competences, it could jeopardize one’s entire life savings and future. Especially when starting a professional athletic career, having a solid financial plan becomes imperative. Players are faced with several challenges tagged along by sudden fame, and rapid accumulation of assets that paired with young age and inexperience could generate unwanted and financially challenging circumstances. CT10’s expert team of financial advisors emphasizes the importance of post-career financial administration, educating young athletes to make conscious and well-informed decisions in the short and long-term, learning how to manage their assets to sustain the life they desire.

Insurance Consultancy

CT10’s insurance consulting experts assist athletes in planning, organizing, and preparing elite insurance programs. Stress and the assiduous training pace incurred by players often leads to undesirable scenarios. An injury is perhaps the most traumatizing event for a player because in most cases it compromises the chances of a long and successful career. Many promising talents and undoubted champions underwent severe injuries that led to premature retirement. It is essential to be conscious of these risks, not in fear but in prevention. Having professional advisors is vital to prepare personal policies that could eventually cover necessary medical expenses and significant reductions in income.

Image Rights Consultancy

As the commercial world drives football into the entertainment and brand realm, athletes encounter a variety of ways to monetize their income base, generally using their image to enter multiple profitable partnerships with brands that want to be associated with the player’s visibility. Companies look for testimonials that can boost and reflect the positive values of the brand and players become fundamental in this process. Hence, their public appearance must meet very high standards. To maximize this aspect, CT10 offers image-consulting experts that respectfully curate an athlete’s image accordingly.

Legal Consultancy

CT10 offers legal assistance in sports, civic, criminal, tax, international, public, and commercial law. A successful player, like any other successful business, requires maximal attention and support. Our legal advisors will assist in any kind of circumstance, safeguarding the player’s interest, highlighting catered solutions to each eventuality and situation.


In the era of communication and social networks, athletes must be extra careful with how they manage their online presence. Players represent more than just themselves; their image and behaviors reflect and impact their team, influencing accordingly the partnerships with the brands that sponsor them. A superficial and inappropriate use of social media could influence negatively the development of durable commercial partnerships, and in severe circumstances, also their career. CT10’s mission is to provide guidance and assistance towards a more conscious use of social media.