CT10 Management’s mission is to provide a catered support network, granting athletes a holistic management approach.

CT10 Management is a sports consulting company originating by Francesco Totti’s desire to offer his thirty year experience to Clubs and players. Totti’s legendary career offers unparalleled experience to those who want to have a high profile career as football players. We provide a catered support network, granting athletes a holistic management approach. Recognizing talent, investing in and valorizing young players, offering guidance, and giving assistance to guarantee the most successful career possible. Our team puts human value ahead of the game; we are a family that curates and nurtures above all.

"IIt’s a life shaped around tough decisions, constant sacrifice, and scrupulous plans of action. It is a life choice revolving around the team—the team comes before everything. I consider myself quite fortunate. I owe a significant part of my success to my mentors, who took me under their wings when I was young, by guiding, nurturing, and protecting me; coaches, athletic trainers, sports directors, and above all, my family. It is thanks to this trustworthy network of people gravitating around me that I am able to tell my story. To achieve harmony in such a fast paced life, surrounding yourself with the right people is pivotal. This aspect of an athlete’s career should not be taken for granted nor undermined. For future athletes, for the professional players of today and tomorrow, for those who want to have a successful career, for those who want to create a team that can provide the same support I received, in an even more professional way. Ours is more than a consultancy for players and clubs; it is an organization that aims at maximizing potential, enhancing and perfecting the skills sets of the athletes on our team. The difference between us and other agencies, is a 30-year career in the football realm offering unparalleled experience that aims at transforming a skilled player into a professional athlete. We nurture our love and passion for this sport, our engagement, and our professional and trustworthy personnel."
Francesco Totti


We firmly believe that CT10’s strong management stems from the high quality of our scouting activities that allows us to network with the most promising national and international talents.

We dedicated an entire branch to these activities, taking advantage of essential collaborations with professionals and observers with decades of experience in top teams and recruitment. This grants us a vast database coverage, from which we can provide a thorough analysis of national and international juvenile and professional football realties.
IT Scouting offers high-level consulting to clubs, helping them identify the best fit for their teams and guiding them during market transfers, while also taking into account financial resources available. Our goal is to offer an external point of view and building a team that can genuinely represent a technical and financial asset for the club. To maximize this objective, we aim to ensure compatibility between players while guaranteeing individual technical skills needed to make the game envisioned by Coach and Club a reality.